Old and/or open source projects

Open source, finished, or terminated projects. Their code is usually available for free.


Source code/API


Doc# GitHub free (open)
LeapSlice GitHub free (open)
Space Impact II GitHub free (educational)
Cavern GitHub free (Cavern API)
Project Cubes separate download free (open)
Rhythm SDK for Unity included free (library)
Fast Food Restaurant Simulator not available free to use
PC builder not available free to use
Controller GUI not available free (private)
Minecraft: GunPak not available free (private)
Stopwatch Pro separate download free (open)
Elfland Portable separate download free (open)
MotionPhoto separate download free (open)
VoidHome separate download free (open)
Invasion not available free (private)
[HCRC]: Half-wit Crysis Clan (with the Sentinel mod) included free (open)